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Every legacy begins with a spark and we are just the collective of designers, dreamers, and thinkers you need to bring your bright idea to life.

KC Clark is the Chief Curator of Legacy Co. He has a unique ability to bring together all the pieces and steward the entire process of making your dreams a reality.

Using practical and creative solutions that prioritize sustainability and growth, we help artists, brands, and non-profits identify their message, organize their content, and put it on display using the best platforms for their niche.

Book a free consult to start building your legacy.

We aren't just an agency

We are a resource for the creative class. Find out how to get connected or build your own legacy below.

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Join other makers + storytellers and make a difference


Sure we do great work like most creative collectives, content is how we pay the bills... but what separates us is how and why we do it. We believe Legacy begins with family, so every part is done through that ideology. Collaboration is a foundational principle for Legacy Co. Want to work in community and take your making and storytelling to new heights? Come work with us.

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We understand what it takes to establish and sustain a creative life. We also understand what it takes to endure the everyday ups and downs of your personal life. So whether you are a creative entrepreneur, brand, or non-profit, our coaches are here to provide guidance that will curate both your heart and your calling. Explore our Legacy Starter and Legacy Builder Coaching programs.

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Calling Each Other Further Up and Further In


If you're looking for a community that will pull up a chair for you and call you higher, you're in the right place. Through both in-person and virtual events we are making space for the maker and the storyteller around the table. Book a discovery call or just say hi by clicking below.

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Inspirational and Educational Content For Your Heart Mind and Soul

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We are a resource for makers and storytellers. We provide several types of courses for creatives of all disciplines and expressions. We collaborate with partners who share our passion for connection, collaboration, and creativity, to bring you resources that will ignite your heart, mind, and soul with a passion to create and make the world a better place.

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world-class talent at your fingertips

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Get world-class content from the collective at Legacy, Co., a full brand development and management agency for brands, artists, and businesses. Who said leaving a Legacy had to be boring? We provide clients with a unique innovation specific to their niche to help them stand out. Check out our portfolio and connect with us!