Your Legacy: An Introduction

Welcome to our Newsletter. If you’re new to the collective, hi! If not, then we are glad you’re staying connected. This whole thing exists to help you establish sustainable rhythms and foundations so you can build things that last in your life.

This week we are starting a short series about the foundational values behind everything we do here at Legacy, Co. So of course we’re going to start with your legacy, and more importantly how you can establish what that looks like now. I’m got three short tips and thoughts for you.

But first, a quick origin story. Several years ago I was driving in the car with my eldest daughter. We were running errands together when I audibly heard a voice. I don’t pull the “I heard the voice of God” card much, but in this case, I have no other explanation. It said, “I want you to make a space for people to grow in their creative practices, I want you to call it Legacy Creative.” I’d like to say I stopped right then and there and changed the trajectory of my career. Instead, I scrutinized it. I excused and even questioned His originality for such a generic moniker. What I couldn’t get away from was the calling.

Fast-forward a decade or so and here we are living out the vision. But it’s not what you would think. Like most of us, I work for a living. I have a job and responsibilities and things I have to do. But the calling remains my purpose, my true north.

“To establish a space in which people grow and develop sustainable practices for creativity that enrich the lives of others and glorify God.”

I want to introduce you to three topics we’re going to unpack in the coming weeks. These are things that I’ve found are foundational to my creative life. My friend and creative coach Stephen Roach always says that the three primary needs of any artist are “to be seen, to be known, and to make a significant contribution.” I personally would add that these are the needs of every human being. But as an artist and an entrepreneur, I definitely experince the connection at that level.

My goal here is to bridge the gap between the role of creativity in our lives through the mundane by connecting practices and habits that make it practical while embracing the mystery of it all. Here are three ways we can do that.

Your Legacy Is An Archive, Not A Vault

Most people think that “legacy” is something reserved for those who have won noble peace prizes or climbed Mt. Everest. But I believe that every one of us has something powerful inside that if made available to people now (not waiting until we die) could mean the difference between enduring the mundane and embracing our God-given calling. Most of us are waiting until we pass from this life to pass-on what we have to give. What would happen if we began to see our legacy as an archive and not a vault. Something where people in our lives had access to the knowledge, experience, wisdom, and yes art (or your creative expression) that we make, now, and not after we check out.

People over Prospects

This is for my entrepreneur, business-minded friends out there. Establishing a legacy begins with recognizing “why am I are here?” If you were to ask yourself that question what would your answer be? Our businesses, brands, or platforms are important from a career perspective, but when it comes to what really matters we must recognize the significance of relationships. Without them, our careers would not exist. But more importantly, our role in that relationship cant always be transactional. Be an encourager, a champion, and someone hat your clients can trust. One of my old bosses said this often, “We are human beings, not human doings.” Don’t get caught in the rut of trying to get something out of people, practice giving yourself away in ways that enrich and serve your clients. I’ll dive into this even more in week three and how it applies to entrepreneurs, artists, and makers.

Every legacy begins with a spark

“Purpose” seems like a really elusive thing when you’re chasing it. It’s the tail wagging the dog sometimes. But it’s not mean to be that way. I mentioned earlier about finding our true north. Your purpose isn’t something that dictates your steps so much as it gives you a trajectory. I call it your spark. It’s that thing that lights you up. The Japanese call it ikigai, or “reason for being”. It’s why you get up every day. It’s the spring in your step. Your Legacy is linked to your purpose. What are you here for? At some point in life, we want to answer that question for ourselves. You may need a coach to help you through that process. In week four we’re going to explore some ways you can discover your own spark and how to maintain it.

I sure hope that you’ll track with us over the next few weeks as we unpack these ideas further. I highly value relationships, collaboration, and creativity. This is part of my purpose to make space for these things in my life. I hope that these tips and thoughts will encourage and inspire you do the same.

One last thought. To “occur” means to present oneself. To be present in a moment to both give and receive. Being present is a huge part of establishing a legacy. If I struggle with one thing it’s staying still long enough to enjoy the things God is showing me or saying to me. The things he wants me to receive.

Today ask yourself this question: Am I willing to slow down long enough to receive? Otherwise, how will I have anything of substance to give.


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