V3 Ministries | Humanifesto

Some new client work for VU VI VO Ministries n Tampa, FL. The objective was to create a promotional short outlining the meta-narrative behind the Manifesto for life and beauty which has become the ethos for their community.

The result is a 1:00 trailer using footage that embodies the invitation to become champions of shalom. To fan the flames of life and beauty in all things. The voice-overs including leaders and members of the community

A MOVEMENT OF LIFE & BEAUTY The intent of good news was for it to become a movement. How do we take a reality we claim to be true and begin to follow it. How do believers become followers? How do we shift from opposition to integration, imitation to incarnation, fear to hope, and then hope to love?

We need a truer battle cry that ensures the fullness of life and renders us authentic, not manufactured. To help rewrite reality we propose a manifesto, but not one of simple subversion. Instead, one that reflects our human condition, one that is commingled, good, broken, and future. A Humanifesto.

DOWNLOAD THE V3 HUMANIFESTO at https://vuvivo.com/


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