Turning What-If’s into How-to’s: Inspiration and Wisdom

This is from a talk presented at The Well Collaborative gathering on October 23rd in Frederick Maryland.

I love talking about the practicalities of art-making and creativity. It’s quite possibly my favorite conversation to have. In this talk, I walk through some of my own processes and musings about the subject of turning ideas into reality and how that is supported by collaboration with other artists.

I also share an ongoing dialogue I’m having with other creatives about the relationship between inspiration and wisdom. The metaphor and the sail and the anchor have been a very interesting way for me to understand for myself and a way to explain to other creatives the way inspiration is both pursued and caught while submitting to leadership and the wisdom of those who’ve gone before us enables us to take ideas and turn them into realities with a social life outside of our imagination.

Finally, I share how collaboration has served to re-ignite my creativity and give my role as a curator and coach a renewed sense of purpose.

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