We're so excited to have you on Made to Last: A Podcast for Makers and Storytellers. Below you will find an FAQ with important instructions about how to prepare for your interview.


  • Please be sure to have a solid internet connection during the interview time.
  • Plan to be in a quiet location without interruption.
  • Please use earbuds so there is no echo in the recording.
  • Let us know prior to the interview if you do not have a quality microphone or recording capability.*
  • Remote interviews will be conducted via Zencaster** or Skype. We will send a portal link or Skype handle the day of the interview with access details.
  • Recordings are audio-only. (though we prefer to use video for the flow of conversation).
  • Interviews generally take 45 minutes from start to close.

* If you have the capability, please plan to record your audio (via Pro Tools, GarageBand or the like) and email us a WAV file at podcast@legacycreative.co after the interview closes. This will ensure the highest quality audio and not leave us reliant upon the internet connection.

** Zencaster requires Chrome Browser. Let us know if you do not use Chrome.