Ember Quarterly Vol IV: Artist Interview with KC Clark

quarterly vol.4 — without fear of man without fear of death
todays featured artist KC Clark @musbkc
artist statement:

My name is KC Clark, I’m a multimedia artist, entrepreneur, and musician from Charlotte, NC. As an artist, I’m mostly interested in storytelling. Whether it’s in a painting, a song, a marketing campaign, or a poem. The narratives that make up the lives of the people I interact with on a daily basis influence me more than I know at times.

Delight is the opposite. It addresses my fear of not doing the right thing as a dad and leading my son to the Father. It’s inspired by Proverbs 4:1. I didn’t grow up with parents who encouraged a relationship with Christ, but mostly routine and religion. I want my son to experience the delight of God in Him and for him to open himself to god early on in ways that I did not know were available. This is a bit of a death to my upbringing, the ways of my parents traded for the ways of God as he shapes and molds me in this new revelation of who he is. My son is my delight, as I am the delight of my father. Therefore I tried to display that type of wonder and discovery. As I’m dying to my hang-ups, my son is coming alive.


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