My Review of CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

One thing you’ll need to know about me is that I ❤️ TECHNOLOGY! Especially as an entrepreneur and consultant.

Since I manage social media for a lot of my clients, I’m always looking for tools to help me work smarter, not harder. Tools that help me save time and energy so I can focus on what matters most.

Enter CoSchedule – Everything on ONE calendar. Take control of your processes. See all of your projects together. Show your progress.

After over 15 years in Marketing and trying out several types of software and apps, I’ve finally found the perfect tool for my full-service creative agency. CoSchedule Marketing Calendar allows you to easily organize ALL of Your Marketing into one content calendar. The tagline says it all “Get more done in less time with a CoSchedule content calendar.” and it’s true. Here are just a few of the major advantages I’ve found since using it this last year.

Legacy Creative Marketing Calendar powered by CoSchedule

7 Major Advantages to CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

  1. With my CoSchedule content calendar, I can organize all my content that I create. I can track all my strategies (blog, email, social, etc.), and communicate + collaborate with clients or my team directly fro the interface.
  2. I can easily plan a full week of content in just minutes. I’m a big fan of work smarter, not harder. So CoSchedule’s easy-to-use functionality as a content planning calendar lets me take back my time and freedom.
  3. I can easily integrate all my content management systems like WordPress or HubSpot to bring all my client’s blog content together and seamlessly integrate it into the content calendar for scheduled posts.
  4. At Legacy Creative, we leverage email a TON. So to be able to manage your email campaigns in one centralized hub, alongside the rest of your planned content is AMAZING!
  5. The ability to create inline communication with a team or client is top-notch. Each conversation gets consolidated and organized within a single project. Each person can offer direction and ideas within each project. Collaboration is key in the creation of content, like blog posts, social media campaigns, landing pages, and the threaded convos, links, and more make it so easy.
  6. Templates are your friend and CoSchedule makes it super easy to not only create them with {helpers} but also saving and reusing them to make creating projects fast and easy.
  7. When Instagram first came out I couldn’t wait for an auto-publishing tool. Luckily with CoSchedule, you can do this not only for IG, but Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If you’re an agency handling multiple clients or accounts you’re in luck because CoSchedule has an Agency extension allowing you to buy more seats as you scale and grow.

Using the Agency Toolkit to Serve Your Clients

As an agency, it’s important that we prove our worth to every client. We love the read-only views and ability to give our clients access to their content as it’s being posted. Just turn on the Agency Toolkit in your account settings and you’re ready to spin up some client content calendars.

As I mentioned before the ability to have threaded conversations makes this process efficient so you can curate your client’s content. This makes getting their content created, approved, and posted go smoothly without multiple tabs and windows cluttering your desktop.

The Swiss Army Knife of Content Calendars

Whether you’re in need of a Marketing Calendar, PR Calendar, or need to organize everything. CoSchedule is your all-in-one content scheduling Swiss Army knife. I highly recommend trying it out!

Get CoSchedule Marketing Calendar

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