Thoughts on Art + Collaboration

I wanted to share some thoughts on art and collaboration. I recognize this one may sit a little different because it takes away that artist’s individuality component. But just sit with it for a minute.

Art is an interesting thing. It’s a fluid relationship between the muse and the maker. Todays post is a continuation of some thoughts I posted about relationship between rest and creativity a few weeks ago.

I ran across this quote today from Andre Gidé in my morning journaling time.

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Collaboration is foundational both to me personally and to The Legacy Collective. To collaborate means to let down your guard, become vulnerable, and trust in the intention, ideas, and inspiration of another individual.

Practically speaking collaboration is a great way to offer the best to your clients or colleagues. It’s a way to leverage the superpowers of others in your creative circle. it also is a great way to inspire and encourage other artists, makers, and storytellers in your life.

Collaboration also kills the seed of comparison. When you invite someone else into a project and ask them to contribute; essentially you are saying I value your perspective, your skills, and ultimately I want you to be a part of what I am doing. That invitation says a lot about being generous as artists.

I have wrestled for years with this idea of working with others. I’m a bit of a control freak. The #enneagram1 in me is always looking for the perfect inspiration BEFORE I attempt to make something. Too focused on a perfect end result that I never start. But there is another side of that is adventurous, curious, and often reckless that awakens at times when I least expect it. I’ve found that collaboration tends to be the place where my perfectionism and failure to launch are jolted from their footings. Maybe it’s because the burden to carry the entire project or idea is diminished when I open my circle to include others.

It is this side of me that I believe comes to life when I am most connected to the Holy Spirit. This relationship to God as it pertains to art and art-making has been to most liberating to me because while God is with me always, I am most definitely not with Him always. I often wander, I doubt, I run away. But when I come awake again and run or crawl home I find open arms and rest. I find the inspiration I was striving for was always available. I find that my efforts have run me ragged. I find that collaborating with my creator inspires even better creations than those I would have attempted on my own.

This is mirrored in our willingness to collaborate with others. In essence when we collaborate we are lightening our load. We are literally doing less, and more at the same time. Collaboration is not an invitation to do nothing, but to let the something you do move in tandem with the inspirator of our souls. Combining our effort to make something even better than it could have been in our own efforts.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with collaboration. Share them below!


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  1. Annie on June 22, 2021 at 9:46 pm

    This is good.

    “Collaboration is not an invitation to do nothing, but to let the something you do move in tandem with the inspirator of our souls.”

    Momentarily, I was seeing myself standing in a field of color and breathing it all in. I will have to work on the moving in tandem part. I love the idea of working in tandem. For now I’m delighted to breathe in goodness and color! I’m leaning to the ‘the less the artist does”.

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