Announcing Legacy Co. New Year New Name

Whether you’re new to the [CO] llective or a long-time friend, we don’t take for granted the privilege it is to connect with you. With that said, it’s time for the year in review for Legacy, Co., and a few announcements.

If you’re new around here, first let me welcome you to the family 😉. Legacy, Co. is a resource for the creative class and our clients and partners. We are passionate about creativity and how it impacts the world around us. These three pillars inform all that we do:

  • We are all Creative.
  • We are all called to make a Contribution.
  • And, we are all made to Last!

If you’ve followed along with me the last few years, you know I’ve been building a small full-service creative agency. Some of you have been a part of that process as clients and partners. While others of you have championed my efforts to raise up the creative class. But, all of you have been integral in the growth and development of this vision.

Over the years, our agency services and creative collaborations have existed separately. It can be confusing to explain exactly what it is that I do. I’m a web designer, social media manager, content-creator, illustrator, musician, coach, pastor, and a number of other hats. My elevator pitch wasn’t working. Truth be told I just didn’t have a vision for how everything co-existed. Until now!

Announcing Legacy, Co.

I’m excited to announce Legacy Co. More than a creative agency, we are a collective of independent artists, each leaving our unique mark on Legacy’s many [CO] parts and ultimately the world around us. Sure we do great work like most creative collectives; content is how we pay the bills, but what separates us is how and why we do it.

Allow me to take a moment to orient you to what we dowhy we do it, and where we’re headed in 2021 and beyond.

WHAT we do:

From the very beginning Legacy, Co has aimed to provide resources and encouragement to the creative class. Our passion for making room for artists and creatives of all disciplines has been the driving force behind all we do. In the past, it was scattered across 3 or 4 websites and felt more like a juggling act. Moving forward, you will find all of what we have to offer under one roof. Read below for a summary of services.

  • [CO] llective: We are advocates for makers + storytellers. We are providing online resources and encouragement for the creative class.
  • [CO] aching: we provide personal and professional mentorship by artists for artists.
  • [CO] nnect: we make room around the table to gather and grow in our home and online community.
  • [CO] urses: we develop educational and inspirational resources for your heart, mind, and soul.
  • [CO] ntent: we are a collective of designers, dreamers, and thinkers developing content and strategies for businesses and brands.

WHY we do it:

At our core, we believe everyone is creative. It is in our DNA as created beings made in the image of the Creator. We exist to fan the flames within each of us who desire to grow and cultivate our innate sense of imagination and innovation. We love when people ask the question “what if” and believe it is our calling to provide space to explore those possibilities. Why do we do what we do? Because we are called to curatecollaborate, and create.


The word curate has been on my mind for over two years now. I knew it had to do with someone who worked in museums and galleries. Somehow, it felt more significant. I looked it up and found this:


/ˈkyoo rāt/

1. noun a minister with pastoral responsibility – entrusted with the care of souls.

2. verb to identify, organize, and put on display, typically using professional or expert knowledge.

Simply put, it means to help others to become whole and live to their fullest potential. After several years of trying to piece together my passions and talents, I found that I was disjointed and needed help finding how they worked together. My journey led me to discover that I was as much an artist as I was an entrepreneur. My most genuine passion was pastoring and mentoring people to live their fullest potential just as God created them.

Practically, we do this through our FREE Consultations and our Coaching. Interested in learning more? Book a call or learn more about our coaching options here.


Everyone is meant to live in community. We cannot achieve our best without the perspective and guidance of others. In short, we are better together.

People are defined by WHO they are, not by what they do. As we discover who we are in communion with God and others, we find out what we are capable of by working on our skills, talents, and passions. I’ve found it is necessary to work hard at what you do in the secret place where no one is watching. But it is equally important to let others speak into your processes. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

We believe Legacy begins with family, so everything we do is curated with that ideology in mind. Whether mentoring one-on-one, collaborating on design or music, connecting around a table or meal, we build relationships that help better us as individuals; but more importantly, better the story that will be told when our Legacy is left behind.

We are not meant to spend our lives filling a vault only to be rummaged through when you die. Instead, I believe we are called to create an archive of our thoughts, life lessons, and, yes, even our work so others can access them along the way. Your Legacy is not a summary of what you accumulate in life. It is the sum of what you create.

We are developing a creative community to inspire and encourage the creative class. Stay connected by signing up for our mailing list or get more information here.


Even though we are taking the word “creative” out of the name, it remains one of the core beliefs behind why we do what we do at Legacy, Co. I’ve heard it said that “we are human beings, not human doings.” Too many artists prioritize doing something substantive over becoming someone of substance. Because of this Legacy, Co. prioritizes people over products.

  • We curate the best parts of who you are to help you find your unique expression. A whole artist will create their most original work.
  • We help you find collaborative opportunities through communion with other artists that will call you higher as a person and as an artist.
  • And finally, we provide resources to help you continue to make your best art through courses, coaching, or help to make your content.

Helping you do your best work will always be one of our highest priorities. But we know to do that, we need to fight for the artist’s integrity and health as well as their art. It’s not either/or; it’s both/and.

That’s why we’re excited to tell you what’s next for Legacy, Co. Read on for some exciting stuff coming in 2021 and beyond.

Where We’re headed

You know we’re passionate about people, particularly artists and creative entrepreneurs. You also may know that we’ve been providing high-quality content for businesses and brands for over a decade. And as we head into 2021 and the coming years, we are developing more resources for you, our clients, and partners.

For Our Clients and Partners

Just because we talk a lot about developing the creative class doesn’t mean we’re forgetting about our amazing clients and partners. In fact it’s the exact opposite. Our vision is to provide even more opportunities for creatives to serve your business, products, or brands marketing and creative needs. As we make more room for them, we get to do even more for you.

  • Experience our full suite of creative services.
  • Enjoy the confidence of having a marketing agency in your back pocket.
  • Want your own technical swiss-army knife for day-to-day or project-based needs? Hire us for one-off or retainer services.
  • Explore our Creative Business Consulting and Strategy Development.
  • Sign-up for Personal and Professional Mentorship.

For The Creative Class

  • Get access to a community of like-minded creatives.
  • Get Creative coaching by artists for artists.
  • Find opportunities to connect in-person and online.
  • Educational and Inspirational Resources for your heart, mind, and soul. Read our blog here. Check out our course offerings here.
  • Get help in creating your own content or developing your craft through our agency services.
  • Lastly, in late 2021 we are launching a podcast and vlog with interviews, and more!


We are excited about what 2021 holds for all of us. Legacy, Co. is here to provide resources that inspire, encourage, and ultimately provide you frameworks for building your creative life and career. Through the collective, we are advocating for makers + storytellers by providing coaching, courses, and content that will connect you with other creatives who desire to make an impact on the world around them. We promise to curate a space that provides opportunities to collaborate with others, to learn from other perspectives and processes that ultimately help us create the best versions of ourselves and the things we are called to put out into the world. This is our legacy, let’s make it the best it can be.

KC Clark
Chief Curator


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